5pb.Games Launches New Website in English

5pb.Games, the developer and publisher of critically acclaimed visual novels such as Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, today announced the launch of 5pbgames.com, which is to be the information and social networking hub for 5pb.Games’ operations in English speaking regions. Visitors to the site will be able to browse 5pb.Games’ upcoming line-up of products and in the future purchase exclusive merchandise of its most popular IPs like Steins;Gate.

About 5pb.Games / Mages
In a time of rapid technological development, MAGES strives to provide the appropriate contents to the appropriate audiences on the most suitable platforms. With a strong focus on visual novels, 5pb.Games has developed and created several well-received IPs including the Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head and Phantom Breaker BattleGrounds in its native country of Japan.


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